Amazon Global

Selling internationally on Amazon is a great way to grow your business.

Whether you are new to selling globally or a seasoned exporter, Amazon makes selling

internationally simpler and easier. Get started today with this step-by-step guide and enjoy selling worldwide with Amazon

Requirements before you start registration

  • Contact Information :You will require a valid phone number and an email address during registration period

  • Credit Card :Visa/master card and other credit cards that support USD deduction

  • Documents for Seller Identity Verification :

  • Seller Identity Verification

  • Seller Address Verification:

      • a) Bank statement is used to verify company address

      • b) Bank statement should be recent with at least one transaction from past 30 days

      • Bank statement should have bank logo

      • d) Online statement is preferred

      • e) For offline statement- Get the statement stamped and provide a clear scan

      • f) Bank statement should be on either company’ name or on the individual person’s name

Benefit on Selling on Amazon

  • Provides Businesses Of All Sizes A Compelling International Sales Channel,

  • With No Product Listing Fees,

  • No Upfront Costs Of Creating A Website

  • No Upfront Costs Of Setting Up A Physical Store

  • And Secure Payments Infrastructure

  • With Fulfilment by Amazon, manufacturers and sellers can store their products in Amazon’s warehouse; and Amazon packs and delivers the orders to customers, provides customer service and handles returns.