Consulting Services

Consulting Solutions :

  1. Export & Import Procedure and Documentations Export assessment and business plan, documentation and custom procedures, regulatory compliance and certifications ,buyer engagement and manage key accounts, manage logistic and shipping Lines for rates, Due diligence checks on customs declarations
  2. Buying agent Services: • Market Information, Overseas Buyer, Buying House, Market Orientation, and Global Trade Analysis, Gathering Samples,
  3. Locating Suppliers,
  4. Placing Orders Based On The Buyer’s Instructions, Procuring The Merchandise,
  5. Assisting In Factory Negotiation,
  6. Inspecting And Packing Merchandise, And Arranging For Shipment And Payment Vendor
  7. Market Orientation: Provides and facilitates market orientation reports that include Market size and spending power per country
  8. Global Trade Analysis: We analyse this Global Trade data and present it to you in such a way that you can make decisions on which country to focus on first. For each product category (indicated by a HS-code) we can map trade volumes, trends and price levels. Offers a unique service for analysis the main trading streams and price levels for your specific product, identified by the HS Code.